Traditional Bon Dancing is something crude. It is very fun to go to the place where the festival is held since you can get the feel of the atmosphere; the time, the place, the air and sound, the dance, all of these get together in a harmony with their own taste.

■Chinese fiddle, the street, the singing of insects Yachio-cho Toyama Prefecture “Owara Kaze no Bon (Bon of the wind in Owara)”

The town of Suwa is elegant with its old
wooden houses. What is special with its music is that they play Chinese fiddle
which is not commonly played in other locations. The sad tune of the sound is
impressive. Owara is so popular that a great number of people visit
Yachio. As I lied on the riverside lawn to take a rest, the atmosphere was very
emotional with the scene of the suspension bridge and the insects singing

■Sea Breeze and Traditional Beauty Shiraishi Island, Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture “Shiraishi Dance”

The Shiraishi Island, where the dancing is held is around 1 hour from Kasaoka (Okayama Prefecture) on a cruiser. The local tour I joined was perfect providing us with dancing instructions, events, etc. Feel the sea breeze while watching the islands of Inland Sea. I could feel the history in this island, and the traditional costume was very attractive.

■The streets burn with energy and cheer up in the height of the season Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture “Awa Dancing”

The place is full of feverish excitement and lively atmosphere. It seems as if the whole town is dancing. Even by looking down from the window of the hotel, I felt as if I was hit by the hot wind down in town. I was excited by the heat of midsummer and everyone’s energy, and my body started moving automatically. Awa Dancing which you experience in Tokushima in the Bon season is special.