That’s the point we want to know about “Obon”

~Some stories of Obon that we didn’t know for sure~
While we searched Bon Dancing, we come to have a question: “In the first place, what is Obon all about?”
Although we think we know about Obon, when it comes to the point, it is difficult to explain about it.
However, this is a site of Bon Dancing, so we have to know about Obon.

So we decided to study about Obon

The result:

Little by little we began to know that “Obon” seems to be;

It seems to be that Obon is a representative folk event of Japan along with New Year holidays.
It seems that it deifies various “spirits” such as ancestors and people who died recently.
There seems to be unique and various traditions depending on each regions.

What was impressive is that;

New researches on Obon that challenges the “common sense” are announced one after another.
Although many people have been doing research on “Obon”, there are many things that are not clear yet.

In other words, though it is such a familiar theme for Japanese, “the juiciest part” still remains to be discovered.
So,we are in an exciting situation.


“Obon issue” is a profound matter, just like Bon Dancing.
We have only come to the entrance, but wefd like to lead the way.
*We have put a mark on the clue to Bon Dancing, so those of you who are fans of Bon Dancing, please check it.
Obon&Bon dancing *Please give us information of Obon in your regions.

So welcome to the world of Obon!