Invitation to Bon Dancing

Bon Dancing is a folk art which has 500 years of history. Songs and dances
distinctive to each locality has been highlighting the summer of Japan.
Let’s approach the attractive and diverse world of Bon Dancing from various angles.

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Bon Dancing Nation wide

Many traditional Bon Dances which continue from Muromachi Era and Edo Era still remain all over the country. We would like to introduce those dances which we have visited.
Bon Dance Guide  

Brief History

Enjoy Bon Dancing

Knowledge of Bon Dancing

 We would like to introduce 500 years of history of Bon Dance, cultural background, the mechanism of Obon, various data on Bon Dance, in detail.



Bon A-B-C  

Bon Dance crossed the ocean


The traditional Bon Dance flew to the world by the immigration of the Japanese diaspora. We would like to introduce mainly the Bon Dance in Hawaii.

Bon Dance in Hawaii