You can be facsinated by just looking at the proficient movements. You might need a little courage to join the dancing circle, but in a little while, you will forget yourself.

Gujo Dance

Gujou Dance is just the kind of dance that anyone can participate on the spot and you can enjoy by dancing for yourself. There are approximately 8 types of music and dance patterns,but each of them are rather easy to learn. First, you observe the movements of good dancers from outside the circle. And then go into the circle and follow the movements around you, one by one. Within around 20 minutes, you’ll be able
to follow other people dancing around you.

Shiraishi Dance

The characteristic of Shiraishi Odori is that there are several types of dances for each music. Each person dances the
dance that he/she is good at, and as a whole, several types of dances are danced at once. The most simple and basic dance is “Bura Bura Odor”,so you’d better learn this dance first, and then you can learn the dances that you like afterwards.

Tsuwano Dance

Bon Odori is usually danced by repeating the same pattern of a dance, but the dance pattern of Tsuwano Odori is very long, and therefore rather difficult to learn. It is a delicate and beautiful dance which people dance in white
costume with an uchiwa(round paper fan) attached to their head. I think that you can enjoy just by watching at the people dancing.