You could feel something missing if you go dancing to Bon Dancing with western clothes and shoes. You may a feel a little bit excited if you get yukata and geta ready. You could look charming just by wearing a yukata, but it is even more attracive when you dance in it. It is fun to look at people wearing yukata, and also wearing by yourself.


○How to Obtain

You can buy them at department stores, and also through websites. If you want to be particular about it, you may choose the texture and have it tailored at the kimono shop. You may borrow it for the time being and dance. For instance, in GujoHachiman, you can borrow the yukata you like at Ishiyama Kimono Shop and they will also teach you how to wear it. Also, you may buy a pattern paper in the market and make a yukata with a different pattern from other people. If you dance in such an original yukata, you may draw attention and be more eager to dance.

○How to wear

In the dance, you may look chic if you wear moderately loose. It may become difficult to move if you fasten the obi too tight, andtighten around the neck and shoulder. It could be difficult to part the skirt of yukata if you are not accustomed to wearing it, but your steps will become comfortable if you set the position of obi and skirt so that the feet widens toward the end instead of a cylindrical shape. It may be a good idea to choose a yukata using a slippery material in the skirt lining.

How to get dressed

Please confer the following links for instructions to get dressed.
how to get dressed


In Gujou Hachiman, geta becomes a must since there is a dance that you make a sound by hitting the ground with geta. Either geta or zohri would be OK, but it might be more comfortable to wear a light one in the beginning. You could get hurt by the rub of geta strap if you are not accustomed in wearing it, so you may wear a tabi or else soften the padding of the geta strap by crumpling it beforehand and make your feet used in wearing it.

■Small Articles


It’s used in Niinno Bon Odori and Fushi-ogami Bon Odori, so you’d better always bring it when you go to Traditional Type Bon Dancing.


It is stylish to carry your belongings in Kinchaku when you dance. You may also carry them in Japanese style bags. You can also carry them in backpacks when you have many things, but it may look a little boorish.