This is a traditional “Ise Ondo”which is handed down to children.

This is a peaceful Bon Dancing in the village of belief located in the terminus of the old road of Kumano.

Formerly, the people who made a pilgrimage to Kumano Shrine went a long way to Kumano, following the ruins of belief called “Ohji”. Fushiogami which is located in Honguh-cho, Wakayama Prefecture is the last one of these Ohjis, and it is very close to the main shrine of Kumano. There is a famous hot spring called “Yunomine Hot Spring” close to it, and it is a peaceful village where you can feel the history.
Many festivals and folk arts remain in Kumano region which is located deep in the mountains, and “Fushiogami Bon Dancing” is one of these. Presently, it is a compact dance of community, but the Kudoki Uta of Nasu no Yoichi has a profound taste of genuineness. And there are the children with sparkling eyes dancing the traditional “Ise Ondo” which they may have struggled to learn.
The master of the inn says, “Please join the dance, since it is a dance to mourn the spirits.” We joined in the dance circle a little bit and had enough of the short time in the summer night of the land of “Ki” (Wakayama).

Schedule August 15th
Location Fushiogami Public Hall, Motomiya-cho Wakayama Prefecture
Trains/Buses Take Kumano Koutsu Bus from JR Kisei Honsen (JR Kisei Main Line) Shingu Station and get off at Motomiya Taisha Mae (About an hour and a half) Also, take a taxi from Motomiya-cho (About 10 min.)
Cars Nishi Meihan Jidousha-dou (Nishi Meihan Motor Road) via Koushiba IC, head south on Kokudou 24 (Route 24) and Kokudou 168 (Route 168) to Motomiya-cho



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