Unexpectedly, very few of the old Bon Dancings remain in Tokyo. This is due to strict policy of the Tokugawa Shogunate to maintain public order. Tsukudajima Nembutu Dancing is the only old Bon Dancing that was allowed to hand down orally in the center of Tokyo. Also, as the local people call it “This dance is not only an ordinary Bon Dancing, but it is a Nembutu Dancing”, it kept the tradition without making easy changes, and it is a valuable dance leaving old-fashioned and simple taste.
The present location of dancing is in a corner surrounded by tall buildings, but it is a lovely place that we can recall the rows of houses of the old and traditional districts. We hope they conserve and hand down this traditional entertainment with die-hard Edo native spirit because it is wonderful.

Schedule July 13`15
Location Tsukuda 1chome
Trains Get off at “Tsukishima” station of Subway Yurakucho Line, and walk for about 10 minutes
Cars There is no parking lot


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