The young and the old jump and dance in the happy summer festival

A village in the source of Nagara River where you can recall the Hakusan Belief

A small town of Shirotori facing a clear stream is located near the terminus of Nagaragawa Railway. This is one of the important bases of Hakusan Belief which thrived in the Middle Ages. “Basho Odori (Basho Dancing)”which is danced in Hakusan Nakai Jinja (Hakusan Nakai Temple) in the town is widely noticed as a dance that leaves old form of Bon Dancing.
Shirotori Dancing is a dance that represents the culture area of Bon Dancing in Oku minou together with the famous Gujo Dancing. The tempo of the dance is quick, and it is a cheerful dance with many turns, so it is popular especially among young people. While people bump their bodies with each other and lose their breath, everyone in the dancing circle becomes together as one before one knows. This is a valuable Bon Dancing that you can experience such kind of experience. The point that it leaves the tradition of 3 days Tetsuya Odori (All night dancing) is a wonderful attraction for the Bon Dancing lovers.

  1. Structure
Schedule The last ten days of July to the first ten days of September
Location Shirotori-cho Gujo County, Gifu Prefecture
Trains JR Tokaido Shinkansen, Nagoya Station¨JR Tokaido Honsen (Tokaido Main Line) Minou Outa Station (About 40 min. on a limited express train)¨Minou Shirotori Station, Nagaragawa Tetsudou (Nagaragawa Railway)(About 2 hours)
Cars Tomei Kousoku Douro (Tomei Expressway), Meishin Ichinomiya JC (Junction)
Tokai Hokuriku Jidousha-dou (Tokai Hokuriku Motor Road)-Shirotori IC (About an hour and 20 min.)



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