People dance the “elegant” night softly in their white costume with a hood on their heads

Tsuwano, the Little Kyoto in the San-in region is proud of “Sagi Mai (Egret Dance) and Bon Dancing
We found Tsuwano in a small basin along a valley, after an hour ride in steam locomotive “Yamaguchi”.

Many entertainments are handed down in the town with unique peacefulness along with its alleys and irrigation channels that has exactly the same taste of Edo Era. It is especially famous for the valuable Sagi Mai (Egret Dance) which is considered to be handed down from the Kinki region in the Middle Ages.

However, what makes Bon Dancing lovers like us happy is the fact that the old-fashioned and elegant Bon Dancing called “Tsuwano Dancing” is being handed down. The black hoods and the white costumes of the dancers are very impressive. The Bon Dancing that is danced slowly in the dusky town along the old and elegant musical accompaniment leaves the atmosphere of an old Bon Dancing that is not affected with tourism. You cannot only appreciate it by watching it, but you can also join the dance and enjoy it. This is designated as the intangible cultural asset of Shimane Prefecture.

Schedule August 15th
Location Tsuwano-cho Kanoashi County, Shimane Prefecture
Trains Take JR Yamaguchi-sen (Yamaguchi Line) from JR Sanyo Shinkansen Ogouri Station (About an hour and 40 min.)
Cars Pass Muika-ichi IC of Chugoku Jidousha Dou (Chugoku Motor Road) and go through Kokudou 187 (Route 187) and finally on Kokudou 9 (Route 9) to Tsuwano.