“Hanui” is passed down from mother to daughter
It is a dance with the ancestors in the summer in Akita Prefecture

Pretty and mysterious black hood appears in the bonfire “Nishimonai” is a small town located in the northern foot of Mt. Chokai. It becomes crowded only in the period of Bon season during the midsummer with tourists from all over the country who come to watch Bon Dancing. The characteristic of this dance is the mysterious and strangely erotic “Hikosa Zukin” and the ancestral “Hanui” costume which are very beautiful. Please enjoy the sophisticated dance as much as you like. This style of Bon Dancing represents the Tohoku Region and is famous nationwide.

Schedule August 16 -18
Location Nishimonai Honmachi Ugomachi Ogachigun Akita Prefecture
Trains/Buses JR Akita Shinkansen
(3 hours and a half)
JR Ohu Line
(About 45 minutes)
Ugo Kotsu bus
Yuzawa Station-JA Nishimonai
(About 30 minutes)Limousine bus
Akita Airport
-Akita Station
(About 45 minutes)
JR Ohu Line
(An hour and a half)
Cars Tohoku Expressway
Tokyo-Kitakami JCT
(6 hours)
Akita Expressway
-Yuzawa IC
(45 minutes)
-JA Nishimonai
(About 10 minutes)
*Please note that there will be a traffic regulation in town on the day of Bon Festival Dance.


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