We had enough of the night of Setouchi with a hand made tour to experience the dance

Nembutu Dance with wide variety originates in the mourning of the dead in the battle between Genji and Heike

This is a traditional Bon Dancing which is handed down in Shiraishi Island. This is one of the islands among Kasaoka Islands in the Inland Sea of Japan, located 12 km offshore of Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture. There are more than 20 islands in Kasaoka Islands including Kitagi Island and Manabe Island. However, “Shiraishi Island is the only island among these which conserves the original Bon Dancing in the old shape, according to (Shima no Bon & Shiraishi Odori (Bon of the island & Shiraishi Dancing) a material distributed in the tour to experience the dance, August 14, 2002.
The song is “Kudoki” and there is only one type of melody, but there are about 10 types of different dances. This is a characteristic Bon Dancing that a unique harmony comes out when they dance these 10 dances at once.
The “Bura Bura Dancing” which can be thought as the archetype leaves the aspect of old Nembutu Dancing which is common to other dances such as Tsukudajima Nembutu Dancing.

Schedule August 13 to 15
Location Shiraishi-cho Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture
Trains/ships JTake Sanyo Honsen (Sanyo Main Line) from JR Sanyo Shinkansen Okayama Station and get off at Kasaoka Station (About 45 min.)About 10 minutes walk to Kasaoka Port. Get on Sanyo Kisen (Ferryboat) and get off at Shiraishi Port (About 35 min.)